About Us

Our Vision:

‘Padma News’ (padmanews24.com), a multimedia news portal started its journey to serve all the people. Media is called the fourth estate of a nation. But sometimes this is questioned. Padma News doesn’t want that, at least in our case we will try utmost to be like the fourth estate. As we are a Bangladeshi online news portal we mainly focus on the news of Bangladesh. But we also cover international news of politics, sports, entertainment too both in English and in Bengali. Padma News will try to be prominent in the online news media of Bangladesh. With credible and authentic news we will reach all the Bangladeshi people all over the world. We want to be the news portal that people believe and respect.

Our Mission:

Padma News will be realistic in case of publishing news always. We will publish which is covered by all but we will focus on those which don’t come to the light. As a Bangladeshi news portal we believe in our independence and respect liberation martyrs. We will upheld our liberation history and will be ahead always to build a developed nation. Padma News will ensure credibility and honesty always. We will tell the tale of the deprived. Padma News will enter into the heart of the people. We will ensure what we will have to do for the betterment of the people through our online media.

Our Focus:

Padma News publishes news under these categories- North Region, Regional, Bangladesh, International, Sports, Entertainment, Science & Tech, Health Tips, Opinion and Education. North region focuses on the news of the northern part of Bangladesh. People will get the news of north region here. In regional section you will find the news of whole country without Dhaka city and North Region. Our international section is full of recent top international news. In Health Tips you will get a huge amount of useful health tips. Padma News respects the interest of the people in sports. So the Sports section is decorated well too. Entertainment & Science & Tech are of great interest to the young people. So these are there too for all. Our opinion section is different from others. You will get general people’s opinions on different issues there. So you are welcome to the world of Padma News.